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Louise Clare Designs is a unique fashion, jewellery, accessories and homewares design business located in Canberra, Australia. We focus on creating bold and beautiful designs which cannot be traditionally found on the rack. All of our designs are made by hand with love and care. Many of our garments, jewellery accessories and homewares are unique or made in limited supply.
Louise Clare Designs was founded by young businesswoman and sustainability advocate, Caterina Sullivan.
Caterina was 5 years of age when she began knitting. She still has a top she knitted when she was just six years old. At age 7, she started making jewellery and set up her first business, Crystal Angel, selling jewellery and knitted items at Mondo Markets in Western Australia. She worked for several years selling her designs. At age 9, Caterina started sewing; although, knitting remained her favourite of the three crafts.

After leaving her craft business to pursue other dreams, Caterina continued to knit and sew but found she was no longer making jewellery.

At the beginning of 2018, Caterina was hospitalised for a month. "I felt like I had lost everything - my business, my friends, my relationship, control of my life and my happiness. While in hospital, I began beading again. I found it so therapeutic and fell in love with the craft I first began at 7 years of age."

It was then Caterina decided to establish Louise Clare Designs and share her creations with the broader community. Louise is Caterina's legal middle name given at birth and Clare is the middle name she adopted as a young teenager after the inspirational St Clare of Assisi.

The philosophy behind Louise Clare is that there is beauty and redemption in everything. It is only ever our mindset that limits us, and we use craft as a way to challenge that through artistic expression. Our customers share this same belief in redemption and hope. Our customers use fashion as a way to bring beauty into the world and demonstrate their boldness, their beauty and their uniqueness. At Louise Clare Designs, we ensure our customers are not just buying a garment or accessory; they are buying a reflection of their soul.
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